the new investment

Gold on
the Blockchain

Gold in accordance with technology


Xaurum offers its community a special service. Every investor or buyer of XAU has the possibility to transfer token into 999.9 gold. For that Xaurum uses blockchain technology. All transactions are revealed in a public network and visible for all users. Especially interesting is the connection of the brand in regard to tradition and innovation.


Information was structured and put in a comprehensible context. Design and development of a high quality brand for motion-picture and website. Campaign development for crowdfunding, including all relevant online tools. Conception and Creation of a short image film.


The corporate design of website and image-film serves the purpose of astonishing and informing investors. Magic and Wealth is what surround the brand and should be portrayed accordingly. Additionally, the developer of Xaurum, is a pioneer in his segment. Different features appeal to the user visually as well as informative.


Responsive website based on Bootstrap and html5. Implementation of Javascript application and interactive web elements. HD 3D animation in cooperation with audio.


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